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hitler's damaged  trousers after assassination attempt

A solid wood table probably saved Hitler’s life on 20 June 1944 when Count Stauffenberg attempted to kill the Fuhrer with a bomb hidden in a briefcase.

Hitler’s  trousers give some indication of the force of the blast. Read more

goebbels-removed-after-cropThe Minister Vanishes

The gap is intriguing: in this small intimate gathering, someone should be on Hitler’s left. Someone was. Read more

ww-book-nardo-hitlerHitler in Paris (1)

This photograph “shocked the world”, according to the small print above the title of this slim volume by Don Nardo. As well it might: Hitler in Paris was the mother of all photo ops. Read more

Hitler's GeneralsHitler in Paris (2)

If they look, smell and waddle like generals, they must be generals – unless they are architects and sculptors and who knows what else.  Read more